T mobile $30 plan – The TMobile Unlimited $30 (5GB LTE) prepaid plan

T Mobile $30 plan – Quick links
The T mobile $30 plan is a well hidden offer on T mobile services, but it’s a really good deal. Long story short, in order to get this plan, you need to:

Get a new t mobile prepaid phone if you don’t have one (I have the ZTE Zinger)
Get a new sim card (you can get one on Amazon with the initial $30 for the first month)
Activate your phone online on tmobile’s site and select the $30 5GB plan
Once everything’s set up, regularly charge the plan with prepaid cards (Available on Amazon and other retailers)
T Mobile $30 plan – The best mobile deal for Data users?
For various reasons I had to change my mobile phone plan. I tried to look carefully at what I was really looking for, in terms of functionality but also prices.

I’m a huge smartphone user, mostly for data, but not necessarily for phone itself.

There are many plans out there, but basically the TMobile unlimited plan (t mobile $30 plan) was the one that worked the best for me: it’s a prepaid “no surprise” plan, for $30/mo (plus taxes), which gives me 5GB of LTE (4G) data, then unlimited 3G/2G. It also comes with 100 minutes of voice, and 100 text messages. Additional voice minutes cost $0.1 per minute.

So, this is not the plan for you if you think you’re going to use voice or text messages a lot. But for people who use their smartphones mostly for data (google maps, music streaming, etc…) this is an awesome deal.

There are lots of questions about the validity of the t mobile $30 plan, and how to activate it. some people claim you have to physically go to Walmart, purchase a new phone, etc… in order to get this deal. This is not true. although it is true that this is a “Walmart exclusive” deal, the deal actually also applies to phones activated online on T-Mobile’s service.

t mobile $30 plan
Just because TMobile have good prices doesn’t mean they have good advertising 😛

So, this requires a new simcard (any TMobile sim card compatible with your phone will work. It does not matter where you got the simcard. In my case, one of the sim cards shipped directly with the new phone I had purchased, and another sim card – for my wife’s activation – was purchased on amazon: this one, which also conveniently has the first $30 to get you started).

So, the only thing that matters is to properly go through T-Mobile (specifically this url: https://www.t-mobile.com/shop/plans/ActivateCodes.aspx) with a new sim card, and make sure to select the $30 unlimited plan (at the bottom of the list).

This does not directly work for existing customers who want to change their plan (hence the need to have a new sim card), but once you’re on the plan, all you need to do is to charge your account with $30 (or more – I got a $100 card on Amazon) regularly, to make sure the plan continues.

Also, people with an existing phone number can port their old number to this, but I did not do it myself so you’ll have to ask google for this one.

My wife and I used to pay $125/mo for our 2 phone lines. We are now down to $60 a month. We’re saving $780 a year thanks to this change of plan and provider. I’d say this was a good move!

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