Saving an additional $100 a year: the end of my Netflix subscription

I’ve been trying to cut expenses for my family this year, with the goal to live on less, and retire earlier. Recently I cancelled my Netflix subscription.

I’m a huge fan of TV shows and movies. This has to be one of my main hobbies with video games. Netflix had been a huge part of my existence for years now, yet cutting the cord has been fairly easy: I switched to Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime has been required for us for quite some time. I am deeply involved in the Amazon ecosystem (I own a Kindle paperwhite and a Kindle tablet), and the 2 days free shipping is something we felt we needed because we chose to not own a car (a huge saving here, but that leads to limitations and to us it means the need to have a reliable store where we can shop and get delivered quickly).


For better or for worse, we need the Amazon Prime subscription today. I realized Amazon Prime comes with a Movie and TV Shows offer that is getting better every year, on par with the Netflix offer. The way I see it, Netflix had become redundant, and had to go.

You might question whether I really need Amazon Prime or not. But the fact is that my household has had both Netflix and Amazon Prime for years now (and we love both), and it was time to get rid of the one that added the less value to us. In that regard, we simply cut a $100 yearly expense with a simple click, and so far we don’t miss Netflix.

As far as regular cable TV is concerned, we don’t have that, end of story. Don’t be silly, that is a stupid and expensive service to pay for.

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