Are kids really that expensive?

Since I’ve started my quest to retire early and become financially independent, I’ve had to look closer into our budget, something that I hadn’t done much so far in my life (my motivation used to be “make enough money that I don’t have to care about it”, and that kind of worked up to a … Read more

A blessing in disguise?

I was literally 3 weeks away from announcing to my manager that I would leave “soon”. And then stuff hit the fan. Back on February 20, about a month ago, when the market was at its high, I created a draft for a post on this blog. It was entitled “a very anticlimatic finale” (very … Read more

ZTE Zinger Review

I recently had to change phones (and carrier), and in the light of my new commitment to spend less and save more money, I decided to go the cheap route. T-mobile seemed like a great opportunity, with their $30/mo for unlimited internet and 5GB of LTE data. (spoiler: it *is* a great deal if you … Read more

The depressing 4% rule

I’m a noob when it comes to finance, and this is one of the reasons I set up this blog: to share my journey, my mistakes, and hopefully, ultimately, my success at becoming financially independent and retire before 40. Somehow I had been lured into believing that my brokerage account would net me an average … Read more

There is another way of life…

My job used to be interesting enough that I was happy to go to the office daily. But this hasn’t been the case in a while. Jobs can become boring. And, we all have a different experience of course, but I believe I’m a fairly creative person. I would probably strive with my own business. … Read more