Financial Independence: the frustration of being almost there

My daily job has been frustrating recently, on various levels.

As a result I have focused a growing portion of my time and energy on my side business, but I need to be careful not to get in trouble at my company for not providing enough results. I’m at a level of wealth where I should be able to “hang in there” at work for a few more years, and be potentially done with it. But it’s also a level of wealth at which, if I quit or got fired, my family and I could work things out “reasonably well”.

A consequence of this is that my mind keeps telling me “just quit now, and jump full time on your side project”. But my side project is generating income that is vastly unreliable. It’s been growing steadily over the past few years, but I have no idea, no guarantee that putting in twice the amount of effort will actually generate twice the amount of money (which at this point is what I would need to cover for our existing expenses + save a bit).

I also feel tied to my company because parts of my contract require me to pay back a bonus I received recently, if I quit (or my contract gets terminated) within 2 years of the signature.


It’s been 5 months so far. 19 more to go, and then I can seriously think of my options, even though I wouldn’t be “there” yet. My nest is growing surely but slowly. Geez, I really wish I could accelerate time.

What’s interesting from a psychological perspective is that I wouldn’t feel so bad about my 9 to 5 job if I didn’t know I was that close to reaching financial independence. Escaping the “rat race” has become such a vivid goal that I can’t help but feel frustrated that it is not happening faster.

Wondering how early retirees felt when they were getting close to the finish line…

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