When Friends and family just don’t get it: part 2

I’ve written before about how friends and family don’t always support or understand the goals behind being frugal and retiring early. My parents were in town recently for holidays, and my father asked me if I was “ok” from a financial standpoint. We recently had a second child and he’s worried about my financial stability. – “you’re … Read more

Are kids really that expensive?

Since I’ve started my quest to retire early and become financially independent, I’ve had to look closer into our budget, something that I hadn’t done much so far in my life (my motivation used to be “make enough money that I don’t have to care about it”, and that kind of worked up to a … Read more

The depressing 4% rule

I’m a noob when it comes to finance, and this is one of the reasons I set up this blog: to share my journey, my mistakes, and hopefully, ultimately, my success at becoming financially independent and retire before 40. Somehow I had been lured into believing that my brokerage account would net me an average … Read more

How to retire early?

The title of this blog post, and the name of this website, are patronizing. There are thousands of websites out there promising people they will get “rich quick” and retire super early by following this or that piece of advice, so why yet another one? This site is not (for now) a way to teach … Read more