Working a 14h shift on a Sunday, until 11pm

This is my pre-retirement life. It’s Sunday, and I accepted at the last minute to work a 14h day, from 9 am to 11 pm. By the time I get home it will be midnight. Tomorrow, the week starts “business as usual” with a meeting I must attend at 8h30 am.

There’s one thing I hate more than working on days I’m not supposed to. It’s not having enough sleep. And right now my work schedule is dramatically impacting my sleep. Tonight I’ll have 7h of sleep at best, and that’s assuming I can fall asleep as soon as I reach home. More likely, I’ll sleep less than 6h. And I really need my 8h to be in a reasonable mood the next day.

We’re in “crunching time”, just a few days ahead of an important launch for my time. So in a way this overtime was expected, and I did not think I would avoid it.

But I’ll let you know my dirty little secret: I’m actually enjoying this, because deep down I know this is the kind of thing I won’t have to do *ever* again once I retire. Or if I do it again, it will be my own choice, my own schedule, maybe for my own product.

So I’m having this almost masochistic pleasure right now. It’s 7:30 pm as I type this, I still have several hours of work ahead of me and a Demo to the big boss in one hour. And for some reason, I’m really enjoying the idea that this situation (having to work long hours to please my management) will not last for long.

Only a few years to go 🙂

What’s your little masochistic pleasure when you go to the office and think about Financial Independence and/or early Retirement?

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