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My job used to be interesting enough that I was happy to go to the office daily. But this hasn’t been the case in a while. Jobs can become boring. And, we all have a different experience of course, but I believe I’m a fairly creative person. I would probably strive with my own business. But I am too worried to give that a try because I seek financial security for me and my family. I’ll get back to that in another post.

The point is, I’ve contemplated the idea of retiring early for quite some time now. It’s all a matter of guaranteeing enough income (through investments, etc…) to sustain my family’s lifestyle, without having to work.

That’s what going through my mind these days, as I take a crowded train to go to work, 5 days a week, going there too early to see my kids wake up, and coming back too late to do much more than kissing them good night.

I’d like to have more free time. Money comes and goes. Time can only be withdrawn from your initial amount. No investment in the world is going to give me back the time I waste on my commute or at work.

If you’ve been thinking of similar things, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Whatever your reasons, if you’re reading this blog, it is possible that you are in a situation similar to me, trying to figure out how you can reach some sort of financial independence, to kiss your job goodbye and start enjoying a better life.

It is difficult to put oneself in a frame of mind where you start thinking that retiring before 40 is ok. On many aspects, it does not feel socially acceptable, and I myself am still trying to get used to the idea that maybe, in a few years, I could be out of the work world for good. One would think it’s the kind of thing that only very rich people could achieve. As a middle class person, there is the fear that it is not possible to gather enough money to ever achieve such a goal.

But I found out that many people have been doing this, and that this is much more achievable than I initially conceived. I was wrong in my original internet searches, but somehow stumbled upon several very inspirational blogs recently. Blogs of normal, middle class people, who retired in their early to mid thirties, without a “one trick pony” scheme such as becoming an online scammer or winning the lottery.

Yes, it is possible to retire very early, for people who make the right changes in their lives. I’ll leave you with the blog that inspired me to create this website: Mr Money Mustache. This is a very popular blog, it is likely that you’ve found it before you found this place. Or that now that you know about it, you’ll go there and never come here again.

That blog, and a few others, has convinced me that there are ways to retire early for many people, and although I do not plan to apply all their methods (otherwise, why would I create my own blog on the subject?), I’ll take it as a huge source of inspiration for my journey to financial independence.


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