The hidden Mustachian at my office

The other day one of my colleagues invited me to her farewell party. “I’ve worked for this company for 10 years now, and I’m leaving for the wonderful world of funemployment.”

Funemployment: a happy time in one’s life when one is not employed and is not wanting to be employed (according to the urban dictionary).

Wow. She’s in her thirties and is leaving her job with no plan to get a new one in the near future? I had to check it out. I was more than happy to chat with her about her plans, during the happy hour she had organized for her farewell.

There were lots of colleagues around us, so unfortunately I did not have enough opportunities to talk about it freely. She mentioned she was going to travel to Europe for 6 months, and then “she would see” if she wants to get back to work or not.

It really sounded as if she wanted to say more, but couldn’t as she didn’t want to (maybe?) sound arrogant to the other people in the room. But to me, it sounded as if she had already made her decision to never work again.

Sharing more details, she confirmed however that her boyfriend is still working. And they’re DINKs, which is probably helping a lot.

It’s likely that I was projecting too much of my own goals into her plans, trying to picture her as Financially independent, when maybe she’s just “doing ok”, enough that she can take a big break of 6 months. But I’m still secretly wondering if she and her boyfriend are already Financially independent…

Do you have people whom you think are Financially Independent in your workplace?

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