Revising my target

Now that we’re back in Japan, we’re pretty much in what I consider as the last phase of our “pre FI” journey. Some days I feel we’re safe with a significant safety margin, others I’ll go back

Well, that happened faster than expected

My wife and I have been looking for a condo or a house to rent in Tokyo for the past 3 weeks. Finding a place to rent is a tough process, especially when you’re a family of

You could definitely do with less home

Having lived in Tokyo for a decade before moving to the US, my wife and I were fairly used to small spaces. This allowed our family  of 4, then 5, to live in a one bedroom apartment

It was indeed a trap

My family’s back to Japan after a very busy days packing, moving, and handling administrative stuff. I’m happy to be back in Japan, and even if there are things I’m not necessarily happy to see again, for

It’s a trap!

I’m posting this while we’re in the middle of packing our stuff to Japan. Our condo’s empty and we’re reviewing it with¬† the landlord later today. I’m literally standing at the kitchen counter, with the only furniture

Early Retirement is how I express my mid-life crisis

As part of my imminent move to Japan, I recently had to temporarily move to a different building here in the US. That building happens to be the one I used to work in when I first

Importance of diversifying the side gig income

My “Retire Early” plan relies heavily on the fact that my side gig will provide our household with a significant income in the years to come (until we reach full FI). As I was bragging just a


My company’s stock has been doing very, very well since I joined it back in 2008. When I joined, I received a good amount of stock (RSUs) which vested over the years. Today, looking back, I just


My parents where in town last week, we hadn’t seen each other in a year and a half, so they hadn’t met our 3rd kid yet. Obviously, we had a lot to discuss. My parents will be

Here’s what I could afford with my extra wealth

Our household reached “Kind of” Financial independence (KoFI) about 6 months ago. Assuming the 4% rule holds, and complementing it with expected revenue from my side gig, I do not need to work anymore, at least not