My mobile phone bill is $27 a month for unlimited data. how about yours?

I used to pay about $80 a month for my phone bill. I didn’t really check the fine prints, went with what I assumed was the cheapest carrier at the time, and what I thought was their cheapest plan.

I think I was wrong.

I switched carriers and phones recently for various reasons, and I went with T-mobile’s prepaid “unlimited data for $30” plan. I describe how to activate this plan here.

In order to cut your mobile expenses to the bare minimum without feeling deprived from the actual daily use of your phone, you have to be careful in reviewing all your options. I went with T-mobile’s plan because it focuses on data. It gives me lots of 4G Data for a reasonable cost. That plan sucks for voice minutes or number of text messages, but I don’t use much of that, and as a result the plan is perfect for me.

I do not feel any “loss” from switching from my old $80/mo plan to this new $30 plan.

I usually get the prepaid cards from Amazon.

I divided my phone bill by 3 without any impact on my phone use habits, just by finding a more appropriate plan for me. Anyone can do this, today, and I urge you to give it a try!

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