It’s like a super power

The more I try to convince my friends and family about what is a good investment strategy, the more I realize that the combination of moderate frugality + cheap ETF investments are like a super power.

The strategy of saving more and reducing investment expenses seemed to be crystal clear to me when I learned about it. But when I pitch it to my friends, many of them can’t even grasp the idea. Lots of the people I know have been raised to think that any return above 1.5% is either too risky or too constraining. So when I come to them, telling them about the 4% rule, and the fact that a well balanced portfolio can return 7 or 8% with minimal work, they just can’t grasp the idea.

So, yeah, it seems a sane financial strategy is like a super power after all: something that comes naturally to some of us, and that others just can’t reach even when they try.

I was walking this morning, thinking it’s as if I had found a loophole in the system, a tear in the matrix. I’m just following the reasonable opinion of dozens of personal finance websites out there, it’s not like the information is hidden, and yet most people just don’t even give it a try.


With great financial strategy comes great responsibility, as a popular comic book once stated. I’m still not giving up on my friends, but I think the next step for me will be to lead by example. When they see me retire before 40, they’ll probably be more inclined to listen to some of what I have to say.

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