ILAS Calculator (based on RL360 Quantum policy)

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Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page!

This is a comparison tool to help people make a choice between an ILAS product and alternate investment platforms. The fields and default values are heavily based on RL360 Quantum(Royal London 360 Quantum), but can probably be applied to other products (Royal Skandia, Friend Provident,...).

Although it is not the goal of this page to pass any personal judgement on these ILAS products (RL360 Quantum being one of them), but for more details on my personal experience, alternate plaform suggestions and more discussions, you can check this blog entry.

This tool only takes into account the "investment" part of the products. An ILAS doubles as an insurance policy, and may, or may not have additional benefits. I found that these benefits were not worth the cost for me, but the ultimate choice is up to you.


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Monthly Premium (in dollars):
Policy length (years):
Annual Growth rate:
Initial allocation period (in months):
Initial bonus months (aka premium incentive):
Initial Unit charge %:
Policy Fee (monthly, in dollars):
IoM Inflation (annual %):
Contract charge (monthly %):
Adviser charge (annual %):
Loyalty Bonus (%):
Alternate plan fee (annual %):

Considering stopping your Policy but you don't know if it is worth taking the loss? Enter how many month's you've been in the policy. We will calculate a scenario where you stop the policy now, take the loss, and start investing in your alternate platform instead
How many months have you been in the policy?

Disclaimer: The calculations in this tool are presented in good faith, based on my intepretation of the RL360 Quantum policy documents, and heavily inspired by this spreadsheet. I am not a finance professional, nor a tax expert or a lawyer. The RL360 fee structure is complicated in my eyes, and it is easy for me to misinterpret some of these numbers. I have found that my final numbers are about 2.5% lower after a 30 year plan compared to my financial adviser's simulations. This means a difference of less than 0.1% yearly, which you can offset by running the numbers with a "adviser charge" 0.1% less than the actual value, to give you an acceptable "range". In any case, run your own calculations before making any choice, but keep in mind that you should not invest in a plan for which you don't understand the fee structure. This site is not affiliated in any way to RL360 or any other company providing similar products. Use this tool at your own risk. See additional discussions here about RL 360.