How to retire early?

The title of this blog post, and the name of this website, are patronizing.

There are thousands of websites out there promising people they will get “rich quick” and retire super early by following this or that piece of advice, so why yet another one?

This site is not (for now) a way to teach you how to retire early. It is a blog about my own journey to reach that status. This is exactly why the blog is not named “How to retire early!”, but “How to retire early?”, with a question mark. The question mark is important.

I will turn 33 in a month, and this blog will feature my own questions, doubts, success and failures, to try and retire within the next 5 years. If/When I succeed, then maybe I’ll change the title and remove the question mark.

Retire before 40? Yes, I believe it’s possible for me, and many, many other “middle class” people if they actually plan for it properly. Others have done it already. I’ll actually try to retire by 35, although this one’s currently a stretch goal for me. I’ll give details on my own situation and goals in a further blog post.

Follow me on this journey. Let’s get started!

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