Fighting the Tide

October 1st, 2015. Captain’s log.

It’s been two months in a row now that I’ve put my entire paycheck into my brokerage account, only to see it instantly swallowed by a gigantic correction wave.


Over the past few weeks, many days started with a clear bright sky, but every single one has been a lure. It feels all days end in a gigantic tidal wave that completely completely sink our ship. I haven’t lost any members of the crew yet, but morale is low. I’m afraid to tell them we’re down 10% since our last high in July.

I thought it would be clever to leverage the storm by using our emergency fund, but it’s been instantly swallowed by the waves, just like the rest.

I know that the promised land of Financial Independence is out there, somewhere. I’ve seen it before on the horizon, it felt so close back then. We’ll have to stay on this rocky boat for quite a while now that the winds have pushed us back significantly away from any visible land. Right now I just have to hold on to my knowledge that after the storm, there’s always a rainbow.

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  2. Bryan @ Just One More Year

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