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American Dream

Important: The following article is an opinion. I never intended for this blog to have political direction, but wth. A lot of what follows is intended to be “tongue in cheek” even if that’s not always obvious

So tired of all this BS

So, our third kid was born in January, way ahead of schedule, and this changed a lot of stuff quickly in our life (as one could expect). The main thing that happened to me is that I

Financial Independence through the power of MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

“45 seconds to change your life”. That’s the subject of the email my little brother sent me a few weeks ago. The email included a motivational ebook, with a message from my brother: “Read the first four

Meet Gruk, the first early retiree ever

A good friend of mine who’s into science let me borrow his car last week. It was a Delorean that he tweaked to travel back in time, which I guess is pretty cool. So, I faced a

How to write a good comment on Yahoo finance articles

Maybe I’m the only financial blogger out there to read yahoo finance, maybe others have already moved on and do better things with their time… Yahoo finance used to be my primary source of information for stock

The crazy stuff I do to save money. #4 is pretty embarrassing

People who are seriously in the game of reaching Financial Independence will all tell you: half the victory is in saving on everything. Sure, everyone starts by reducing their expenses on the big tickets that are housing,

Are you willing to sell your soul for $167.97 an hour?

A recent article from Sam over at Financial samurai asked if people are too proud to be rich. This is an interesting article, and its main point is that people who decide to not go the typical

Yes, please buy the latest iPad and get into more debt!

Today, Apple announced some new iterations of their popular iPad. They also announced improvements on their smartwatch (is that still a thing, or are people over this yet?), and a new Apple TV. Investors were apparently bored,

Who’s paying for that?

Yesterday there was a social event at our building. Everyone in the building was invited to a barbecue on the rooftop, and it was really nice. It was also my first time meeting most of my neighbors.