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The sum of everything I own on this Earth cost me less than your next car

When my family and I moved from Japan to the US as part of my relocation for work, we had to go through an interesting exercise: making an inventory of everything we wanted to ship with us

My delicious and cheap homemade pizza – $1.5 per person

Saturday night is movie night in our household. I love movies and I needed an excuse to be able to watch while eating comfort food. I love watching a good movie or TV show while I eat, but

The crazy stuff I do to save money. Part 2: The wife edition

A while ago I wrote about some of the crazy stuff I do to save money. Things that help me save from as low as $0.5 a year to $100 a year. After I wrote the article,

This $5 item is saving my family $1000 a year

This article is, of course, not really about a $5 item. It’s about simple changes that can have a dramatic impact on your savings rate. The frugal among you should be prepared to be underwhelmed by the

Are DINKs the only people who can retire early?

A comment I read a lot on the intertubes, when it comes to financial independence, is that only DINK (dual income, no kid) couples can make enough money and save enough to ever reach financial independence. Although

The crazy stuff I do to save money. #4 is pretty embarrassing

People who are seriously in the game of reaching Financial Independence will all tell you: half the victory is in saving on everything. Sure, everyone starts by reducing their expenses on the big tickets that are housing,

An ode to my table

This is our diner table. My wife and I bought this table from a “recycle shop” in Japan, when we first moved in together, back in 2006. We’ve owned it for about a decade, and it cost

Restricted Stock Units – Why you should sell them as soon as they vest

My bonus at my current job consists in Restricted Stock Units (RSUs). Many companies nowadays give away RSUs, and it’s very easy for employees to confuse that benefit with stock options. How Restricted Stock Units are different

5 steps I took to double my savings rate in 2015 – the fifth one shocks most Americans

Since I engaged on the path to early retirement, I’ve been able to significantly decrease my family’s expenses. This year so far, we’ve been saving 60% of my after-tax revenue. The result has been extremely positive, with

Debt is for losers

Most of the blogs I read about personal finance are extremely clear: the first step to become wealthy is to get rid of your debt. This is pretty obvious: in general, the debt is attached to a