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Relationship is souring quickly with the house builder

Part of my plan to RE involves owning a place. I’ve always assumed it would be difficult to consistently be able to rent a place in Japan, as a foreigner, with no proof of stable employment, so

A weekend with my spendypants friends

Monday was a holiday here in Japan, and I spent the weekend with a bunch of friends. The 4 families involved found an airbnb house to rent close to the beach, and spent three days there. It

Bath bombs, a fun DIY activity with kids

Our kids love to take a bath. And they love it even more when a bath bomb is involved. If you don’t know what bath bombs are, they’re these balls made of baking soda and citric acid,

We have to learn to be frugal again

As we moved back from the US to Japan, we have to learn frugality again. Although the general rules of frugality probably apply worldwide, the implementation details may vary. Some of the things I used to do

You could definitely do with less home

Having lived in Tokyo for a decade before moving to the US, my wife and I were fairly used to small spaces. This allowed our family  of 4, then 5, to live in a one bedroom apartment


My company’s stock has been doing very, very well since I joined it back in 2008. When I joined, I received a good amount of stock (RSUs) which vested over the years. Today, looking back, I just

On my way to wealth, one bus ride at a time

Last week my son got invited to a friend’s birthday, way up to the north of Seattle. This would have taken half an hour by car, but we don’t own one, so the ride was 1h30 by

Help! I messed up, and now I’m living paycheck to paycheck!

Well, seems like I messed up my April numbers big time. I tend to invest as much money as I possibly can, by transferring money from my checking account to my brokerage account, in general on the

Black Friday and Christmas: my guilty pleasures and mistakes

I guess we “financial bloggers” all have a dark past, a former self that used to buy a bunch if things we didn’t need. That was definitely my case not so long ago, in particular with electronic

Just save 60% of your income for 10 years, dude.

I imagine that at some point, very soon, I’ll be financially independent. Realistically, maybe next year or the one after that, unless the Japanese Yen decides to screw me once again. And, at some point, I think