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Importance of diversifying the side gig income

My “Retire Early” plan relies heavily on the fact that my side gig will provide our household with a significant income in the years to come (until we reach full FI). As I was bragging just a

Every early Retiree told me this would happen, and I didn’t believe them (I was wrong)

A few days ago I got an offer from a team in Japan. My long term objective is to move to Japan to retire (early) there. What job I would end up with is almost irrelevant given

Just save 60% of your income for 10 years, dude.

I imagine that at some point, very soon, I’ll be financially independent. Realistically, maybe next year or the one after that, unless the Japanese Yen decides to screw me once again. And, at some point, I think

In the US, people get paid to get rid of their trash!

Well, kind of. In Japan, selling used stuff is pretty much unheard of. It actually costs money to get rid of most of your stuff, in particular bulky items. Back when I was living in Tokyo, I

Why I switched from Google to Bing a year ago

How big is your allegiance to a particular search engine? Mine, not so big. So when I learned that Microsoft is actually paying people to use Bing (through a thread on MMM’s forum) about a year ago,

Earn more from your website with automated A/B testing – An honest Ezoic review

Disclaimer: the Ezoic links in this article are affiliate links. However, the review (and recommendation) below to earn more from your website is genuine and I’m trying to not hide any of the bad points of the

You’ll never get a better return than 1.5% if you keep doing things this way

Another day, another rant about friends. (Yes, I’ve done this before) A group of friends and myself were discussing over email about how our works suck, and how it is difficult to find the “right thing” for

Are DINKs the only people who can retire early?

A comment I read a lot on the intertubes, when it comes to financial independence, is that only DINK (dual income, no kid) couples can make enough money and save enough to ever reach financial independence. Although

5 steps I took to double my savings rate in 2015 – the fifth one shocks most Americans

Since I engaged on the path to early retirement, I’ve been able to significantly decrease my family’s expenses. This year so far, we’ve been saving 60% of my after-tax revenue. The result has been extremely positive, with

For expats, Financial independence is not an option, it’s a matter of survival

Whenever I chat with some of my best friends, who, for the most part, live as expats in Japan, I feel a guilty sense of pride when we talk about our savings, finance in general, and retirement