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My FI target keeps evading me

So, I might have mentioned a few times now that I plan to move back to Japan with my family, and start our early retirement there, at some point. As a result, our target budget is defined

The one financial fear that keeps me awake at night (for real)

People on the path to financial independence all have worries that their plan “might not work”. It’s easy to lose your trust in the 4% rule, or to think your portfolio is not as ideal as it

Can you stay the course in a market correction?

As I type these words, the Stock Market is in “contraction territory”, or what is known as a correction, 10% below its recent high. In my own portfolio, the effect is quite devastating: my net worth is

A comparison of the cost of living in Japan and the US

Comparing the cost of life in two countries is usually a moot point: The choices people make in a given city vary greatly depending on many factors, and the prices in a given country can dramatically change

For expats, Financial independence is not an option, it’s a matter of survival

Whenever I chat with some of my best friends, who, for the most part, live as expats in Japan, I feel a guilty sense of pride when we talk about our savings, finance in general, and retirement