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Is it cheaper to make your own bread with a breadmaker?

Since we moved to the US, my wife has grown extremely suspicious of some of the food we buy. Bread in particular. She has this thing against high fructose corn syrup… well, I won’t get into details,

My delicious and cheap homemade pizza – $1.5 per person

Saturday night is movie night in our household. I love movies and I needed an excuse to be able to watch while eating comfort food. I love watching a good movie or TV show while I eat, but

This $5 item is saving my family $1000 a year

This article is, of course, not really about a $5 item. It’s about simple changes that can have a dramatic impact on your savings rate. The frugal among you should be prepared to be underwhelmed by the

Eating Salad at lunch for fun and profit

Since I’ve started my quest to financial independence a few months ago, I’ve mad a few adjustments to my lifestyle. The initial intent was to reduce expenses (as myself and many other FI proponents will tell you