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Heads up: The latter phase of your path to Financial independence is pretty boring

2014 and 2015 have been extremely exciting for me in terms of financial independence goals. I’ve created this blog to hold myself accountable, and worked on reducing our family’s expenses on as many levels as possible: no

Is it cheaper to make your own bread with a breadmaker?

Since we moved to the US, my wife has grown extremely suspicious of some of the food we buy. Bread in particular. She has this thing against high fructose corn syrup… well, I won’t get into details,

The sum of everything I own on this Earth cost me less than your next car

When my family and I moved from Japan to the US as part of my relocation for work, we had to go through an interesting exercise: making an inventory of everything we wanted to ship with us

Should I swallow my pride?

Earlier this week I blogged about my current work situation, and how much I hate the job. I’m in a very stressful position right now, because the current project demands it, and my manager wants to get

Why don’t you just quit your job if you hate it so much?

I’ve been enjoying what livingafi has done on his blog, posting a few articles about his life at work to remind his future self why he achieved financial independence. Although I can’t pretend to have his writing

Why I switched from Google to Bing a year ago

How big is your allegiance to a particular search engine? Mine, not so big. So when I learned that Microsoft is actually paying people to use Bing (through a thread on MMM’s forum) about a year ago,

Not financially independent yet, but this year I hit a pretty great milestone

I define “Financial Independence” as “not having to work for money anymore”. This year, I hit a very satisfactory milestone, although not what most people would call financial independence: The money from my side gig in 2015

My FI target keeps evading me

So, I might have mentioned a few times now that I plan to move back to Japan with my family, and start our early retirement there, at some point. As a result, our target budget is defined

Procrastinators, Early Retirement was made for you!

A while ago, I wrote about why early retirement is made for engineers and their “let’s optimize stuff” mindset. Today, I’ll talk about something else that applies a lot to me: procrastination. You see, procrastination has been

My delicious and cheap homemade pizza – $1.5 per person

Saturday night is movie night in our household. I love movies and I needed an excuse to be able to watch while eating comfort food. I love watching a good movie or TV show while I eat, but