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Importance of diversifying the side gig income

My “Retire Early” plan relies heavily on the fact that my side gig will provide our household with a significant income in the years to come (until we reach full FI). As I was bragging just a


My company’s stock has been doing very, very well since I joined it back in 2008. When I joined, I received a good amount of stock (RSUs) which vested over the years. Today, looking back, I just


My parents where in town last week, we hadn’t seen each other in a year and a half, so they hadn’t met our 3rd kid yet. Obviously, we had a lot to discuss. My parents will be

Here’s what I could afford with my extra wealth

Our household reached “Kind of” Financial independence (KoFI) about 6 months ago. Assuming the 4% rule holds, and complementing it with expected revenue from my side gig, I do not need to work anymore, at least not

Out of body experience

I met with my VP a few weeks ago and decided to decline his offer. I realized that some of the stress I have accumulated in my current team would not go away until I actually cut

Financial independence: too good to be true?

The more I try to talk about early retirement and financial independence to my friends, the more I find that the main mental blocker on their end is that the 4% rule seems too good to be

Every early Retiree told me this would happen, and I didn’t believe them (I was wrong)

A few days ago I got an offer from a team in Japan. My long term objective is to move to Japan to retire (early) there. What job I would end up with is almost irrelevant given

Dead Man Walking

Now that it’s been confirmed that I’m moving to a team in Japan, my current manager has initiated a “transfer process” for me, so that our team doesn’t drop the ball on the projects I’m currently owning.

Secure a job in Japan: check.

So, less than 24h after I was complaining about not receiving any information from my potential offer for a position in Japan, I finally received the offer. Setting the role aside, which will basically be very similar

In Limbo

My family and I have been looking into going back to Japan, to start working on the next phases of our FIRE plan: move back to Japan, keep the job in order to get a mortgage at