American Dream

Important: The following article is an opinion. I never intended for this blog to have political direction, but wth. A lot of what follows is intended to be “tongue in cheek” even if that’s not always obvious with my crappy writing style. For example, I am obviously not actually happy when I say that I’ll get richer as the Smith&Wesson stock goes higher tomorrow.

Natural Disaster or death-by-douchebag, pick your poison

Since we left the US back in July, there are many times when I miss America. Its wide spaces, the general friendliness of people, everything being on average cheaper than in Japan (in particular financial options, ha!), the list could go on and on…

Then events like today’s mass school shooting happen, and I’m reminded that I’d rather die from an inevitable force of nature such as an earthquake, than being indirectly killed by NRA lobbyists in a situation that could totally be avoided if the appropriate laws were in place.

I feel Americans are the slaves of their illusion of “freedom”. They let themselves kill each other in the name of an obsolete part of their constitution that literally controls their day-to-day lives (how insane is it that kindergartens over there have trainings to handle mass shootings situations?). A good half of them like to believe there is no solution to the country’s massacres, when every other civilized country has clear statistics showing that gun control *is* it.

Yep, that’s the cost of “freedom” in America: let your own citizens kill more of your kids than any terrorist will ever dream of, because “freedom”. Isis and Al-Qaeda don’t even need to try anymore: The NRA and its many supporters do the job much better.

Well, I’ll take the “Citizens are not free to carry a gun” communist approach that every other civilized country has enforced so far, thanks.


I also feel my blood boil anytime I read the yahoo finance comments section. It seems everything needs to be a political argument in the US (gun violence is a political topic only in the US. In every other country I’ve been to, it’s a clearly apolitical topic). I see a lot of Trump supporters pretending that being in the US is the best right now, that Trump is making a lot of US citizens rich, and that the whole “MAGA” concept is working great for them.

The reality (and irony) is that the surge of the American stock market since Trump’s election is making shareholders rich, not the average worker, who keeps spending everything they earn. Many investors in the US market, including myself, are not American at all. Isn’t it weird that the whole “America first” concept touted by Trump is actually making foreign investors like myself way richer, way faster, than the average US worker? (And don’t talk to me about the $1000 bonus that some companies have given their employees due to the tax plan. How does $1000 compare to the dividends/stock increase you got last year from your US investments?)

In practice, an “America first” concept would probably involve 1) Educate American citizens to start saving more and invest in their country’s companies stock and 2) Somehow incite other countries to stop saving and instead buy shit from the US. Right?

The reality feels almost opposite: American workers go kill themselves in coal mines, spend all their money on crap they don’t need (because mindless consumerism == “freedom”), and end up poor while foreign investors like myself get richer in the process. Also, most other countries have a higher personal savings rate than the US.

Yup, this commie French investor living in Japan is living the American dream, while not having to deal with any of the US bullshit. This MAGA stuff is so cool, keep it coming.

On the one hand, I like that republicans in the Yahoo comment sections are so focused on their own bellybutton that they don’t realize all their hard work is actually contributing to making non US folks like myself richer. It’s like this open secret that only them can’t seem to see. “Keep working for me, my little slaves”, I think, while rubbing my skeletal hands Mr Burns style.

On the other hand, I’d love to shake them and wake them up to reality, make them see that if they keep going, their country will look more and more like the “shitholes” their President talks about, while in the process they are making a lot of foreign folks richer.

By the way I’m sure the Smith and Wesson stock will go up tomorrow, as well as other weapon manufacturers. As an Index investor, I don’t really have a choice but to own shares from these companies. I, the foreign investor, will get richer and live the American Dream in safe Japan, while US kids are literally being killed at school. MAGA.


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