Alexa Page rank below 1 million! Awesome milestone!

Recently, my website went below the 1’000’000 in its Alexa page rank stats.

At the time I’m typing this, my Alexa Page rank is 992’428, which is awesome!

What is the Alexa Page Rank?

Alexa is a site that measures your website’s popularity based on traffic. The lower your Alexa page rank is, the higher your traffic is, in theory.

Alexa is basically a good indicator of how well your website performs compared to the rest of Internet sites. It’s of course not perfect. Studies have shown that websites above a rank of 100’000 are measured very inaccurately. It is likely for example that my site ranked 992’428 actually has less traffic than a site ranked at 3’000’000.

Nevertheless, the data is accurate from an evolution perspective: if I compare my site to its former self 1 year ago, it is definitely getting more traffic today than it was back then.

How useful is the Alexa Page Rank from a Website owner’s perspective?

In itself, the Alexa Page rank is not extremely useful. It is no indication of how much your site can make in advertising revenue, and it is, as I mentioned above, not so great at measuring actual traffic to your site. That being said, some advertising agencies will use the value to estimate if they want to do business with you (lots of advertising companies only deal with sites that are below 100’000 in their Alexa page rank).

For me, seeing the number go down month after month is a sign that I am on the right track with this site: The FIRE community is a vibrant one, and, although I am definitely not as skilled a writer as many of the other “Financial bloggers” out there, I’m proud to be part of this community of bloggers. One day, in the distant future, when I’m actually financially independent and have more time to devote to this blog, I hope to be able to write more often, and more eloquently, about my journey to early retirement.

If you’re visiting this website, regularly or occasionally, I want to thank you for your visit. I hope my journey is useful for as many people as possible. I’m definitely not the only one attempting early retirement out there, but I hope my personal spin on it is helpful one way or another.

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