Hi there, I’m StockBeard, the owner of this blog.  I have a wife who’s a stay-at-home mom, and 2 3 kids.

This is a personal blog about my journey to reach financial independence by age 40. I’m not disclosing my real name at this point because I am still employed, and part of my plan is to make enough money that I can ultimately quit working. I’m not sure I want my employers to find out about that yet, so you’ll have to call me StockBeard for now. I also have a tendency to call out some of my friends and family’s bad habits with money here, and I’d rather not have to answer any of their questions if they found out I mock them here 🙂

The nickname is in reference to Mr Money Mustache, a popular early retirement site that put me on track for early retirement. By following the principles mentioned on MMM and other early retirement blogs (namely: save aggressively, live a good life without too much consumerism, try to make more money when possible…), I hope to be able to retire before the age of 40.

There are many sites out there that try to teach you how you can retire early. And in a way, this is yet another one. Except you get to follow it from before I actually reach that status. If I fail, this could be a good life lesson for the readers. If I succeed, well everyone loves a happy ending, right? In both cases, I’ll try to use success/failures as interesting lessons for this blog!

My background

This blog is not a “rags to riches” blog. I did not have to fight an insane amount of debt to get where I am today. I was not out of a job for years. So, in many aspects, I’m just a regular dude who happened to never trust the concept of “credit”, and somehow this put me on good track for early retirement. But my path was not always perfect. I have burned lots of money in my youth, and I’ve made terrible investment mistakes not so long ago. This shows that even if you make several mistakes along the way, and even with a big family, early retirement is a possibility. You do not have to sacrifice too much, or be “always lucky”, or always make the right financial decision, in order to become financially independent. The less mistakes, the faster you’ll get there of course, so hopefully this blog can help.

One point where I feel this blog can be inspirational for some of you, is that I am the sole income of my household, supporting my wife and three kids. I did not win the lottery, I am not making millions. Despite that, I am on good track to retire very, very early, and spend more time with my family.

The plan

Our plan to reach financial independence is in general very close to what you see on other personal finance blogs. It boils down to spending less money through frugality, and making more with a side gig in addition to my day job. What makes us slightly different from other FI blogs is that we intend to retire in Japan, where my wife is from. Also, 3 kids, single bread earner. Definitely not DINKs.

  1. 2014 – Understand where the money goes, with monitoring/budget (done, we keep track of our monthly expenses in a google spreadsheet)
  2. 2015 – Spend Less (Done, all we have to do is keep doing it)
  3. 2015 – Make More (Done through increases in salary + increase on income from side gig in 2015)
  4. 2016 – Reach “KoFI” (Kind of financial independence), the point where our investments and side gig generate enough to cover our expenses (Done)
  5. 2017 – Move back to Japan, keep the job (will need it to secure a mortgage)
  6. 2018 – Get a mortgage to buy a place in Japan
  7. 2018 – Pull the plug on the 9 to 5
  8. 2020? – Reach full FI (money from the side gig is not required anymore)

Enjoy your visit!

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