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Early Retirement is how I express my mid-life crisis

As part of my imminent move to Japan, I recently had to temporarily move to a different building here in the US. That building happens to be the one I used to work in when I first

Importance of diversifying the side gig income

My “Retire Early” plan relies heavily on the fact that my side gig will provide our household with a significant income in the years to come (until we reach full FI). As I was bragging just a


My company’s stock has been doing very, very well since I joined it back in 2008. When I joined, I received a good amount of stock (RSUs) which vested over the years. Today, looking back, I just


My parents where in town last week, we hadn’t seen each other in a year and a half, so they hadn’t met our 3rd kid yet. Obviously, we had a lot to discuss. My parents will be

Here’s what I could afford with my extra wealth

Our household reached “Kind of” Financial independence (KoFI) about 6 months ago. Assuming the 4% rule holds, and complementing it with expected revenue from my side gig, I do not need to work anymore, at least not