Monthly Archive:: April 2017

Dead Man Walking

Now that it’s been confirmed that I’m moving to a team in Japan, my current manager has initiated a “transfer process” for me, so that our team doesn’t drop the ball on the projects I’m currently owning.

Secure a job in Japan: check.

So, less than 24h after I was complaining about not receiving any information from my potential offer for a position in Japan, I finally received the offer. Setting the role aside, which will basically be very similar

In Limbo

My family and I have been looking into going back to Japan, to start working on the next phases of our FIRE plan: move back to Japan, keep the job in order to get a mortgage at

Fighting gravity

A few months ago, I became what I like to call “KoFI” (kind of financially independent): our household reached the “target” amount of investments at which I don’t need my job anymore (for money): our expenses are

On my way to wealth, one bus ride at a time

Last week my son got invited to a friend’s birthday, way up to the north of Seattle. This would have taken half an hour by car, but we don’t own one, so the ride was 1h30 by

Help! I messed up, and now I’m living paycheck to paycheck!

Well, seems like I messed up my April numbers big time. I tend to invest as much money as I possibly can, by transferring money from my checking account to my brokerage account, in general on the