Monthly Archive:: June 2016

7 non frugal things that I used to think were normal

Not so long ago, before I started my path to Financial Independence through frugality, I was wasting a bunch of money and resources on things I thought were “normal”. I’ve evolved and look back at some of

Brexit and stocks: The only way is up?

Brexit hit the market pretty hard yesterday. For people like me who invest in index funds (i.e. for the vast majority in US companies) but use the Japanese Yen as their target (I plan to move back

Trying to retire early? You must be broken somewhere…

Something broke in me, sometimes in the past few months or years. I used to genuinely enjoy the work I was doing at my company, and now, I have to admit, I really couldn’t care less about

Can Personal Capital work with expats?

I recently created an account on Personal Capital based on the terrific reviews these guys are getting on the personal finance blogosphere. (Note: I’m not completely blind, personal capital links on blogs, including mine now, are affiliate

What the DotA video game taught me about money and investments

For those of you who don’t know the video game DotA, here’s a quick summary, from Wikipedia: Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is a multiplayer online battle arena game. The scenario objective is for each team to