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The hidden Mustachian at my office

The other day one of my colleagues invited me to her farewell party. “I’ve worked for this company for 10 years now, and I’m leaving for the wonderful world of funemployment.” Funemployment: a happy time in one’s

The crazy stuff I do to save money. Part 2: The wife edition

A while ago I wrote about some of the crazy stuff I do to save money. Things that help me save from as low as $0.5 a year to $100 a year. After I wrote the article,

The one financial fear that keeps me awake at night (for real)

People on the path to financial independence all have worries that their plan “might not work”. It’s easy to lose your trust in the 4% rule, or to think your portfolio is not as ideal as it

This $5 item is saving my family $1000 a year

This article is, of course, not really about a $5 item. It’s about simple changes that can have a dramatic impact on your savings rate. The frugal among you should be prepared to be underwhelmed by the