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Earn more from your website with automated A/B testing – An honest Ezoic review

Disclaimer: the Ezoic links in this article are affiliate links. However, the review (and recommendation) below to earn more from your website is genuine and I’m trying to not hide any of the bad points of the

The difference two weeks can make

Two weeks ago, I blogged about my Early Retirement plans starting to crystallize, and how, unless things would go dramatically bad, I should be able to pull the “9 to 5” plug by the end of the

You’ll never get a better return than 1.5% if you keep doing things this way

Another day, another rant about friends. (Yes, I’ve done this before) A group of friends and myself were discussing over email about how our works suck, and how it is difficult to find the “right thing” for

My RE plan starts to crystallize

This might be my good resolution for 2016: crystallize my Early Retirement plans, and make stuff finally happen. I just turned 34 this month. My long term plans are to become financially independent and retire before 40.