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How to write a good comment on Yahoo finance articles

Maybe I’m the only financial blogger out there to read yahoo finance, maybe others have already moved on and do better things with their time… Yahoo finance used to be my primary source of information for stock

Are DINKs the only people who can retire early?

A comment I read a lot on the intertubes, when it comes to financial independence, is that only DINK (dual income, no kid) couples can make enough money and save enough to ever reach financial independence. Although

The crazy stuff I do to save money. #4 is pretty embarrassing

People who are seriously in the game of reaching Financial Independence will all tell you: half the victory is in saving on everything. Sure, everyone starts by reducing their expenses on the big tickets that are housing,

An ode to my table

This is our diner table. My wife and I bought this table from a “recycle shop” in Japan, when we first moved in together, back in 2006. We’ve owned it for about a decade, and it cost

The financial independence target that keeps moving

Many financial bloggers will talk about the “One more year” syndrome (or OMY syndrome). It’s the process in which people who have reached financial independence never retire because they think they should work “one more year”, for