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“I’d need 5 million to retire”, and other wrong assumptions on market performance

As I’m progressing through my path to reach FI, I’m learning new stuff pretty much every day. About myself (and the fact that this turns out to be more about understanding what true happiness really is, rather

Restricted Stock Units – Why you should sell them as soon as they vest

My bonus at my current job consists in Restricted Stock Units (RSUs). Many companies nowadays give away RSUs, and it’s very easy for employees to confuse that benefit with stock options. How Restricted Stock Units are different

Are you willing to sell your soul for $167.97 an hour?

A recent article from Sam over at Financial samurai asked if people are too proud to be rich. This is an interesting article, and its main point is that people who decide to not go the typical

Why you shouldn’t take investment advice from your colleagues

When I was financially illiterate*, not so long ago, I tended to trust my family, friends, and colleagues, with investing advice. It’s the “easy way” for those of us who do not want to learn about finance:

5 steps I took to double my savings rate in 2015 – the fifth one shocks most Americans

Since I engaged on the path to early retirement, I’ve been able to significantly decrease my family’s expenses. This year so far, we’ve been saving 60% of my after-tax revenue. The result has been extremely positive, with