Monthly Archive:: September 2015

Working a 14h shift on a Sunday, until 11pm

This is my pre-retirement life. It’s Sunday, and I accepted at the last minute to work a 14h day, from 9 am to 11 pm. By the time I get home it will be midnight. Tomorrow, the

Debt is for losers

Most of the blogs I read about personal finance are extremely clear: the first step to become wealthy is to get rid of your debt. This is pretty obvious: in general, the debt is attached to a

Yes, please buy the latest iPad and get into more debt!

Today, Apple announced some new iterations of their popular iPad. They also announced improvements on their smartwatch (is that still a thing, or are people over this yet?), and a new Apple TV. Investors were apparently bored,

Alexa Page rank below 1 million! Awesome milestone!

Recently, my website went below the 1’000’000 in its Alexa page rank stats. At the time I’m typing this, my Alexa Page rank is 992’428, which is awesome! What is the Alexa Page Rank? Alexa is a

Should I eat into my emergency fund to buy stocks on sale?

The market seems to be wanting to stay low for a few more days at least. Asia and Europe were down yesterday, and apparently the “mixed” unemployment results in the US sent the national markets down as

Who’s paying for that?

Yesterday there was a social event at our building. Everyone in the building was invited to a barbecue on the rooftop, and it was really nice. It was also my first time meeting most of my neighbors.