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Can you stay the course in a market correction?

As I type these words, the Stock Market is in “contraction territory”, or what is known as a correction, 10% below its recent high. In my own portfolio, the effect is quite devastating: my net worth is

Can you retire on 1.5 million?

If you’ve reached this page asking yourself if you can retire on 1.5 Million Dollars, and you happen to live in the US, or, realistically, any country of the world, let me answer this question right away:

Humans are bad at multitasking, and this is why you should retire early

I was listening to a random entrepreneur’s podcast the other day, and their guest said something that I hear a lot. For some reason this time it really resonated with me: Humans are really bad at multitasking,

Wealth tax vs Income tax: Why rich people pay less taxes than you

I’ve slowly come to the realization that one of our household’s main expenses was tax. I’ve always felt taxes couldn’t be avoided unless you “game” the system, and, in a way this was true, but I’m progressively