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A comparison of the cost of living in Japan and the US

Comparing the cost of life in two countries is usually a moot point: The choices people make in a given city vary greatly depending on many factors, and the prices in a given country can dramatically change

The $200 I didn’t spend today

Recently was the Amazon Prime day. An event where Amazon claims they had sales on more items than for black Friday. For better of for worse, I went to Amazon and had a look at the sales.

Not owning a car is one of the best things you can do for yourself

When we were living in Tokyo, we didn’t have a car and that was a no brainer. Public transportation in Tokyo (and Japan in general) is so good that there’s no point in owning a car (also,

Eating Salad at lunch for fun and profit

Since I’ve started my quest to financial independence a few months ago, I’ve mad a few adjustments to my lifestyle. The initial intent was to reduce expenses (as myself and many other FI proponents will tell you

How to retire at 40

I started this blog with an itching question that had been going through my mind for a while: “how to retire at 40?”. I started a plan to retire before I turn 40. More specifically, to retire