Monthly Archive:: June 2015

For expats, Financial independence is not an option, it’s a matter of survival

Whenever I chat with some of my best friends, who, for the most part, live as expats in Japan, I feel a guilty sense of pride when we talk about our savings, finance in general, and retirement

Average Retirement savings – are you saving enough to retire?

Every household has their own goals for retirement, but as I am on a quest to retire early, I discover every day that not everybody is preparing for their retirement, far from it. Average retirement savings in

Retiring early – can it get boring?

A huge counter argument I hear about my idea of retiring early is that I will get “bored”. It’s a subject that comes up often on mainstream sites about making money or early retirement. That last thread

Engineers, early retirement was made for you

Since I set myself on a path to retire early, I’ve had the time to think about why early retirement is a concept that meets resistance from friends and family, while it’s a goal that makes perfect

Early retirement and how to achieve it: what I’ve learned and done in 6 months

I started this blog about 6 months ago, with a simple question: How to retire early? This question was just an itch a year ago, and has become almost an obsession as time went by. The enjoyment