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Retire early recipe: Earn more, spend less

As I make progress towards my goal of retiring before I turn 40, the techniques and efforts required to do so are becoming clearer to me. My goal to retire early started about a year ago when

When Friends and family just don’t get it: part 2

I’ve written before about how friends and family don’t always support or understand the goals behind being frugal and retiring early. My parents were in town recently for holidays, and my father asked me if I was

Financial Independence: the frustration of being almost there

My daily job has been frustrating recently, on various levels. As a result I have focused a growing portion of my time and energy on my side business, but I need to be careful not to get

Recommended readings to retire early

As I progress through my goal of retiring early (my target is to retire within the next 7 years), I am finding daily confirmation that I have chosen the right path. I’ve found blogs, websites, and literature