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Are kids really that expensive?

Since I’ve started my quest to retire early and become financially independent, I’ve had to look closer into our budget, something that I hadn’t done much so far in my life (my motivation used to be “make

My mobile phone bill is $27 a month for unlimited data. how about yours?

I used to pay about $80 a month for my phone bill. I didn’t really check the fine prints, went with what I assumed was the cheapest carrier at the time, and what I thought was their

Your side project’s money is worth more than you think

A while ago I started a tiny blog to talk about my programming projects. That blog turned into a reasonably sized website related to video games in general, and it makes money from advertising. Several times, I

T mobile $30 plan – The TMobile Unlimited $30 (5GB LTE) prepaid plan

T Mobile $30 plan – Quick links The T mobile $30 plan is a well hidden offer on T mobile services, but it’s a really good deal. Long story short, in order to get this plan, you

Tips for Moving: the car2go trunk can fit a 42” TV

Carrying a 42”, 60 lbs TV cost me $13.94. I believe that was a pretty good deal. Read along. My family and I recently moved to the US. We’ve decided lately to go the “frugal route” on

It is easy to make money on the side

One of the beliefs of people who retire early is that most people will need much less money than they imagine if they retire young. One because there are many ways to cut on expenses, and two