What’s plan B?

I haven’t posted here in quite some time now, and I’m not sure this post will be really focused on anything. There are a million tiny things I want to talk about, but also nothing specific. So

Relationship is souring quickly with the house builder

Part of my plan to RE involves owning a place. I’ve always assumed it would be difficult to consistently be able to rent a place in Japan, as a foreigner, with no proof of stable employment, so

Switching Teams

Last month, I had the bad luck to learn that I’d have to stay one more year at my company in order to secure the loan for our house. This sucks, because my plan at that time

Suddenly, OMY forced down my throat

My wife and I had finally found a house we want to buy (or rather, build. That’s an important distinction for this story), and we have found a bank that would accept me for a loan at

We signed the contract for a house! (But…)

After about 4 months of research, we have found a plot of land and a house builder we are happy with. But there’s still a lot of things that need to happen before I can RE. Found

A terrible start to the year?

It’s been a while since I posted here. I almost feel as if I’m done telling my story on Financial Independence now that I’ve reached the financial goal. Plus it’s a story that’s been told, in better

American Dream

Important: The following article is an opinion. I never intended for this blog to have political direction, but wth. A lot of what follows is intended to be “tongue in cheek” even if that’s not always obvious

A race against insanity – 2

“Get the fucking loan, then get the fuck out.” It’s weird how memories work. I had almost forgotten that I wrote a very similar blog post 18 months ago. Yesterday I was dragged into a meeting at

I’m jealous of people who like their job

I’ve been miserable at work lately. For a while I enjoyed the change of pace compared to my previous team: with the new team losing a good chunk of its people over the course of a few

A weekend with my spendypants friends

Monday was a holiday here in Japan, and I spent the weekend with a bunch of friends. The 4 families involved found an airbnb house to rent close to the beach, and spent three days there. It