So tired of all this BS

So, our third kid was born in January, way ahead of schedule, and this changed a lot of stuff quickly in our life (as one could expect). The main thing that happened to me is that I

Financial Independence through the power of MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

“45 seconds to change your life”. That’s the subject of the email my little brother sent me a few weeks ago. The email included a motivational ebook, with a message from my brother: “Read the first four

Am I constantly running away from my fears, chasing a goal that keeps changing, or both?

(hu, 2 posts in 2 days, what’s up with me lately???) One of the big mottos in the Financial Independence world is Early retirees need something to retire “to”, not something to retire “from”. In other words,

“You and I both know that a million dollars is nothing”

I was talking recently with a good friend who is a successful engineer in Tokyo. He is, among my friends and family, the one who has been the most receptive to what I’ve been recently preaching about

How many millionaires in Japan?

Financial success is always, at its core, a comparison game. I’m sure many people in the financial blogosphere google, if not for themselves, for people in their group, to understand where they stand in the wealth pyramid.

2017, the year of no motivation

This is it, procrastination is getting the best of me. Hey, I thought Financial Independence was supposed to make me a better employee? The end of 2016 had been tough on me from a motivation perspective. My

Black Friday and Christmas: my guilty pleasures and mistakes

I guess we “financial bloggers” all have a dark past, a former self that used to buy a bunch if things we didn’t need. That was definitely my case not so long ago, in particular with electronic

Suddenly, financial independence!

Well, this is it, folks. For the first time since I started tracking my wealth towards the specific goal of Financial Independence, it appears I’ve reached my destination: I’m KoFI (Kind of Financially Independent). My definition of

I’m spending 60% of my after-tax income on this luxury

Freedom. There’s a certain stigma attached to a frugal personality, at the office. I’m always worried that colleagues will judge me in a weird way when I say I don’t eat out, or won’t have that second

Would a promotion impact your FI/RE plan?

Somehow, I got promoted Somehow, I got promoted. This didn’t totally come as a surprise, as my manager had been very transparent about his goal to get me promoted this year, but the decision wasn’t up to