Disrupted (a review)

Following the advice of fellow blogger LivingAFI, I recently read “Disrupted: My misadventure in the start-up bubble” by Dan Lyons. The book is pretty popular so I had to wait for a while (7 weeks) for it

Curve balls and stuff

I haven’t posted an update here in more than 2 weeks, and I’m sure the 3 of you who follow this blog religiously started to wonder if I had given up on my Financial independence dreams. In

A race against insanity

I think it’s time I faced the truth: I’ve been in a bad mood for a while, and I think my goal to reach financial independence is one of the major causes of my trouble. I’d love

It has EVERYTHING to do with your daily latte!

One of the most fought battles in the personal finance blogosphere is unofficially known as the “latte factor”, based on the idea that if instead of buying a $5 Latte a Starbucks every day, you’d instead invest

Yes, Amazon Prime can also be a tool to your Financial Independence

disclaimer: The article below contains affiliate links to Amazon. If you purchase through these links, you don’t pay anything extra but I get a small commission. Independently, the recommendation below is genuine, and I have been a

Meet Gruk, the first early retiree ever

A good friend of mine who’s into science let me borrow his car last week. It was a Delorean that he tweaked to travel back in time, which I guess is pretty cool. So, I faced a

It’s the 4th of July, sadly I’m still dependent

Happy Independence Day to my American Friends! Sadly, as of today, I’m still not independent (financially, that is!), and the golden shackles that my company provides for me will still be restraining me for a while, making

7 non frugal things that I used to think were normal

Not so long ago, before I started my path to Financial Independence through frugality, I was wasting a bunch of money and resources on things I thought were “normal”. I’ve evolved and look back at some of

Brexit and stocks: The only way is up?

Brexit hit the market pretty hard yesterday. For people like me who invest in index funds (i.e. for the vast majority in US companies) but use the Japanese Yen as their target (I plan to move back

Trying to retire early? You must be broken somewhere…

Something broke in me, sometimes in the past few months or years. I used to genuinely enjoy the work I was doing at my company, and now, I have to admit, I really couldn’t care less about