Going to FIRE as planned, almost.

About 2 months ago I wrote that I had finally reached FI. I laid out my plan as follows: Wait until the end of the month of July to confirm I’m still reasonably close to “my number”

Suddenly, FI

I had a blog post prepared back in February, in which I was explaining how I was getting really close to FI, and ready to move on to my next steps, which meant handling my resignation letter

A blessing in disguise?

I was literally 3 weeks away from announcing to my manager that I would leave “soon”. And then stuff hit the fan. Back on February 20, about a month ago, when the market was at its high,

Retail therapy (and my experience selling Magic the Gathering Cards in Japan)

Hey, don’t leave, I swear this is still somewhat related to my goal of retiring early! The Retail Therapy slippery slope So, I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m kind of a board game geek. The addiction

“Your password expires in 14 days”

Dear Diary, (<– this is my way of telling you this is just a stream of consciousness, yet another random rant on my journey to financial independence.) I had told myself I would never have to endure

Bear Market

Apologies, just a random brain dump. It’s been a rough couple of months since I last posted. Actually, the past 18 months have been rough on my egg nest. I don’t care what the pros say on


Holy crap, it’s been months since I last posted here. There are… reasons for this. Not that any of them is good, but they make sense in my mind. The main one is that when I created

High functioning Geek

Everybody has their own reason to want to reach financial independence and retire early. Me, I want to have more personal time, and I intend to fill it with video games, board games, and movies. I’m sometimes

Happy New “One More” Year

2018 has been a very disappointing year for my portfolio. I assume that must have been true for a lot of folks like me going with passive index investing. For me, the whole mess really started around

What’s plan B?

I haven’t posted here in quite some time now, and I’m not sure this post will be really focused on anything. There are a million tiny things I want to talk about, but also nothing specific. So